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Note: Lyrics of all pieces are below


Vocal Solos:


Ordinary Miracles: Five Lyrics of Faith Davidson Waltman - song cycle for soprano and piano
     I.    Meditation on a Cross - (e' - a'') 

Listen: Meditation on a cross Gabriella Snyder, mezzo soprano; Dr. Lorraine Lueft, piano

     II.   Friends With the Night - (c#' - g'')
     III.  Lord of the Dance - (b - a'')
     IV.  Diamonds for Richard - (c' - g'')
     V.   Flying Girls - (c' - a'')

At First I Prayed for Light (text: Ednah Dow Cheney) - sacred solo for voice and organ - (c' - a'') Listen: At First I Prayed for Light Denise Konicek, soprano; Heinrich Christensen, organ


Believe Not Those (text: Anne Bronte) - sacred solo for voice and organ  - (d' - b flat'' ) Listen: Believe Not Those Denise Konicek, soprano; Heinrich Christensen, organ


Come With Me (lyrics by Gabriella Snyder and Warren Rasmussen) - folk-style Christmas carol for voice and piano - (a - g'')

Listen: Come With Me Gabriella Snyder, on Ancient Christmas


I Cannot Find Thee (text: Eliza Scudder) - sacred solo for voice and organ  - (e flat' - g'' )

Listen: I Cannot Find Thee Denise Konicek, soprano; Heinrich Christensen, organ


O What A Day! (lyrics by Gabriella Snyder) - roots-style uptempo song with a driving beat. Lead sheet for guitar, dulcimer, keyboard, or bluegrass style, etc.


Pied Beauty (text: Gerard Manley Hopkins) - sacred solo for voice and piano - (low voice: g - e", high voice: c' - a") Joyful setting of poem celebrating God as revealed in nature.

Listen: Pied Beauty Gabriella Snyder, mezzo soprano; Dr. Lorraine Lueft, piano


The Virgin's Song (text: Medieval English) - sacred solo for voice and piano - (c' - a flat''), suitable for Advent, Lent or Holy Week.


Vocal Duets:

Never More Will the Wind: an Elegy (text by H.D.) - for Sop. I (d#' - a'') and Sop. II (b - f#'')

O Taste and See (text by Denise Levertov) - for Sop. I (d' - a'') and Sop. II (a# -e")


Sacred Choral Anthems:

As the Deer Longs for the Water (text: Psalm 42:1-2) (SAB, Keyboard) 

Listen: As the deer longs for the water


Come With Me (lyrics by Gabriella Snyder and Warren Rasmussen) (Christmas) (SATB, Keyboard)

This moving "Little Drummer-Boy" type anthem tells the story of Christmas from the point of view of a shepherd boy hearing about Jesus' birth. The refrain "Come with me, there must be more about this child than we know" gives way to the rousing ending "I know I have to tell the world I've felt His loving power!" 

Listen: Come With Me SATB The Bloomington High School North Advanced Choir, Bloomington, IN, December 2009,under the direction of Louise Wohlafka


Easter Fanfare (text and style adapted from Orthodox liturgy for Easter) (SAB, organ)

Listen: Easter Fanfare SAB


God's Hand to You (Benediction, memorial service, evening service) (SAB, Keyboard)

An easy, lilting setting. Simple tune evokes a mood of tenderness at parting while affirming the blessing of God's presence. 

Listen: God's Hand to You SAB Chorus under the direction of Steve Karidoyanes for the memorial service of Joan Marion Huth Gartside at The Memorial Church, Harvard University, May 30, 2010


Psalm 150 (Two-Part Mixed, Keyboard, optional percussion) Joyful rhythmic setting of this psalm suitable for general worship.

Listen: Psalm 150


We Bring You Glad Tidings (text based on Luke chapters 1 and 2) (Christmas) (SATB, keyboard)



Sacred Choral Anthems published by GIA Publications:

Stars of Glory (Irish folk melody, arranged by Gabriella Snyder) folk-style Christmas carol 

for SATB chorus and keyboard. Published by GIA Publications. 

Listen: Stars of Glory SATB Polymnia Choral Society, Melrose, MA, December 2009, under the direction of Murray Kidd

Click here to order: GIA Publications, Stars of Glory




Music Drama/Opera:

Price: contact composer


Prince of Peace - A Passion Play - music drama in three acts for vocal soloists, SATB chorus and keyboard or orchestra.


Excerpts from this music drama are available individually:

     I. My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me? (text: Psalm 22) - Lenten solo for voice and piano or organ - (high voice: b - g'') (low voice: g# - e") 

Listen: My God, why have you abandoned me? Larry Gall, baritone, at 2003 premiere at St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston, MA. 

     II. Mourners Kaddish (text: Hebrew text for soloist, English paraphrase for chorus) - Passion week or funeral service anthem for soprano soloist, SATB chorus and piano or organ - (d' - a'' ) 

Listen: Mourner's Kaddish Denise Konicek, soprano, and chorus at 2003 premiere at St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston, MA

     III. Alleluia! (text: Catherine de Vinck) - Easter season anthem for SATB chorus and piano or organ. 

Listen: Alleluia! Chorus for 2003 premiere at St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston, MA


The Rough-Face Girl: An Algonquin Cinderella - music drama in one act for all-female cast of six singers, chorus, keyboard, native/orchestral flute and percussion.





Alleluia! (from Prince of Peace - A Passion Play) (text: Catherine de Vinck) 

Awake! Awake from your ancient fears.
Awake! Fear not, see the empty grave.
Fear not: I am with you 'til the end of the world. Alleluia!


As the Deer Longs for the Water (text: Psalm 42:1-2)
As the deer longs for the water, so longs my soul for You, oh God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God, for the living God.
When, when, when, when...? When shall I come and appear before You?
As the deer longs for the water, so longs, so longs, so longs my soul for You, oh God.


At First I Prayed for Light (text: Ednah Dow Cheney)

At first I prayed for Light: could I but see the way,

how gladly, swiftly would I walk to everlasting day.

And next I prayed for Strength, that I might tread the road

with firm, unfaltering feet, and win the heav'ns serene abode.

And then I asked for Faith: could I but trust my God,

I'd live enfolded in his peace, though foes were all abroad.

But now I pray for Love, deep love to God and man,

a living love that will not fail, however dark his plan.

And Light and Strength and Faith are op'ning ev'rywhere!

God only waited for me till I prayed the larger prayer.


Believe Not Those (text: Anne Bronte)

Vs. 1 Believe not those who say the upward path is smooth,

lest thou shouldst stumble in the way and faint before the truth.

Vs. 2 It is the only road unto the realms of joy;

but he who seeks that blest abode must all his pow'rs employ.

Vs. 3 Arm, arm thee for the fight; cast useless loads away;

Watch through the darkest hours of night; toil through the hottest day.

Vs. 4 To labor and to love, to pardon and endure,

to lift thy heart to God above, and keep thy conscience pure:

Vs. 5 Be this thy constant aim, thy hope, thy chief delight;

what matter who should whisper blame or who should scorn or slight,

Vs. 6 if but thy God approve, and if, within thy breast,

thou feel the comfort of his love, the earnest of his rest?


Come With Me (lyrics by Gabriella Snyder and Warren Rasmussen)
Vs. 1: I heard his mother was alone, very young and afraid. 
She heard a voice from heaven above.
She said she'd bear the Son of the Most High,
the Prince of Peace, the messenger of love.
Vs. 2: I heard some shepherds in the night saw fantastic lights, 
a cloud of angels with news of great joy.
The angels said the Savior Christ had come, 
the King of Kings, born as the poorest boy.
Chorus: Come with me, come with me, come with me my friend; 
there must be more about this child than we know. 
Bridge: And oh, we travelled, bringing gifts from afar.
I knew I had to find this child, I'd seen His shining star!
Vs. 3: I finally saw Him lying gently in His mother's arms, 
and with a feeling of wonder I knelt.
And oh, His eyes, they pierced me to the heart. 
I knew the deepest joy I'd ever felt.
Chorus: Come with me...
Bridge: And now I travel, bringing word from afar. 
I know I have to tell the world I've felt His loving power, 
I've felt His loving power!

Easter Fanfare (text adapted from Orthodox liturgy for Easter)
Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death. (3X)
And giving life to those who are in the grave.
Let every spirit praise God, for Christ has given us the victory of the cross, 
and has bestowed on us the hope of everlasting life!
Christ is risen, Christ is risen, Christ is risen from the dead 
trampling down death by death, 
And giving life to those who are in the grave!

God's Hand to You (lyrics by Eleanor Powers and Gabriella Snyder)
Vs. 1: The sun be warm and kind to you,
the darkest night, some star shine through,
the dullest morn a radiance brew,
and when dusk comes, God's hand to you.
Chorus: And when dusk comes, God's hand to you.
Vs. 2: The moon be bright as you're trav'lin' through,
the coldest day strong fire renew,
the driest valley still yield dew,
and when dusk comes, God's hand to you.
Chorus: And when dusk comes, God's hand to you.


I Cannot Find Thee (text: Eliza Scudder)

Vs. 1 I cannot find thee. Still on restless pinion

my spirit beats the void where thou dost dwell.

I wander lost through all thy vast dominion,

and shrink beneath thy light ineffable.  

Vs. 2 I cannot find thee. E'en when most adoring,

before thy throne I bend in lowliest prayer;

beyond these bounds of thought my thought upsoaring,

from farthest quest comes back: thou art not there.  

Vs. 3 Yet high above the limits of my seeing,

and folded far within the inmost heart,

and deep below the deeps of conscious being,

thy splendor shineth: there, O God, thou art.

Vs. 4 I cannot lose thee. Still in thee abiding,

the end is clear, how wide soe'er I roam;

the hand that holds the worlds my steps is guiding,

and I must rest at last in thee, my home.


Mourner's Kaddish

(from Prince of Peace - A Passion Play) (text: adapted from translation of Jewish Mourner's Kaddish)

Lord, have mercy. May the Lord's great Name be blessed forever.Blessed, glorified, exalted, uplifted. Lord, have mercy.


My God, My God, Why Have You Abandoned Me? 
(from Prince of Peace - A Passion Play) (text: Psalm 22)
My God, my God, my God, my God, why have You abandoned me?
Why are You so far from helping me, from the words of my groaning?
O my God, I cry by day, but you do not answer, and by night but find no rest.
Yet You are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. In You our fathers trusted,
to You they cried and were saved, in You they trusted, and were not disappointed.
But I am a worm, and no man, scorned by men, and despised by the people.
I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. 
My heart is like wax; it is melted within me. My strength is dried up like a piece of clay, 
and my tongue cleaves to my jaws. You have laid me in the dust of death.
O Lord, O Lord, O Lord, O Lord be not far off. 
O Lord, O You my help, come to my aid.
My God, my God, my God.

Never More Will the Wind: An Elegy (lyrics copyright by H.D., with addt'l lyrics by G.S.)
Never more will the wind cherish you again, never more will the rain.
Never more shall we find you bright in the snow and wind.
The snow is melted, the snow is gone, and you are flown.
Like a bird out of our hand, like a light out of our heart, you are gone. 
Yet in our hearts and in our thoughts, you live on. You live on.

O Taste and See (lyrics  copyright by Denise Levertov) 
O Taste and See
The world is not with us enough.
O taste and see
the subway Bible poster said,
meaning The Lord, meaning
if anything all that lives
to the imagination's tongue,
grief, mercy, language,
tangerine, weather, to
breathe them, bite,
savor, chew, swallow,
into our flesh our 
deaths, crossing the street,
plum, quince,
living in the orchard and being
hungry, and plucking
the fruit.


O What A Day! (lyrics  copyright by Gabriella Snyder)

Vs. 1 Oh what a day, I can hear the peo-ple say, as the mu-sic from hea-ven starts to ring. And the sun is burn-ing strong on the ri-vers run-ning long; on the earth all the crea-tures start to sing, on the earth all the crea-tures start to sing. Al-le-al-le-al-le-lu-ia! 

Vs. 2 Oh what a day! I can hear the peo-ple pray and see bles-sings from hea-ven start to fall. And the wind is blow-ing high, driv-ing clouds a-cross the sky. On the earth peo-ple an-swer-ing the call, on the earth peo-ple an-swer-ing the call. Al-le-al-le-al-le-lu-ia! 

Vs. 3 From the caverns of the deep to the moun-tains high and steep, where the con-dors and might-y ea-gles soar, we will hear the cry go out, from the hills a might-y shout, on that day when our tears will be no more, on that day when our tears will be no more. Al-le-al-le-al-le-lu-ia! 


Ordinary Miracles (lyrics copyright 1990 by Faith Davidson Waltman)

I. Meditation on a Cross 
(Note: a huge crucifix overlooks a crowded downtown city street)
Cold arms outretched toward colder heaven, 
embrace birds, wind, dirty light.
Face stares blankly, passion frozen and forgotten.
Oh Jesus, did you live and how become reduced to this?
Golgotha knows no crueler time, no emptier place
Than this mute witness to our vainglorious race.

II. Friends With the Night
Turn into the pregnant stillness, self set adrift. 
Pilgrim in the inner cosmos falling, self set adrift. 
Drawn by some strange warmth or maybe brightness. 
Tell me again the star story, pretty myth, 
while I rock through space. 
Lighter than iridescent bubbles 
from a child's plastic pipe, 
gazed upon by a doting mother. 
Make friends with the night. 

III. Lord of the Dance
Once more he comes out of darkness, bidden guest, 
from nowhere familiar, wearing nothing familiar. 
He takes her in his arms.
She's so heavy, so tired, apologetic, 
I'm sorry for both'ring you. 
I needn't dance, would rather not. 
Just let me rest awhile 
where the music is heard faintly, that's enough. 
Ever wistful spectator, 
afraid of falling on the polished floor. 
Misty plays for someone else. 
Wordlessly he draws her closer to the edge. 
I know the storm is bad but can't you get here? 
These filthy walls take my breath. 
If the request is in by Wednesday, 
maybe we can pay you something. 
No honey you can't make mommy better. 
You have to come with me now. 
I know you're scared. 
I heard him calling, calling, 
come use this good stuff with me.
And I got down on my knees, 
Lord help me, like you said. Oh Lord, oh Lord! 
An inner silence came over me 
and folded me in stillness, and I was safe. 
She glances down at the lustrous surface under her feet, and then back into his face. 
She is dancing!

IV. Diamonds for Richard
Opulent profusion!  
Choice won't be easy except for this bold silver gray.
More properly called a rock, 
first on the path it begs to be found. 
Extravagantly it apologizes 
for not being there the other day, 
meanwhile preening in this day's sun. 
This tiny black and brown one, though, 
is just as bright, just smaller, rougher. 
Less accustomed to easy accolades, quick approval, 
a good companion with keys and coins in a pocket 
where it readily recalls its special source, 
the other best for public ornament, it doesn't mind. 
The pink one, quiet but strangely rich 
with soft lights in its depth, 
gives angles for catching glints of brightness 
otherwise not caught by the naked eye. 
Meant perhaps for giving to someone else 
who needs to know the messages of diamonds.

V. Flying Girls
(Note: upon watching the Olympic gymnast girls)
Tiny bodies borne aloft by bouncing hair,
spin and swoop from perch to perch,
seem airy figments of adult imagination.
Child faces in masks of concentration
burst into winged smiles propelled by joy. 
Arms outstretched they carry us on their flight.
Aloft and weightless, suspended briefly above
heavier constraints of sober earthly undertaking,
Childhood magic comes again to lesser mortals,
breaking into joyous thanks for flying girls.

Psalm 150
Praise, Praise the Lord! Praise God in His sanctuary; 
Praise Him in His mighty expanse. Praise Him for His mighty deeds;
Praise Him according to His excellent greatness. Praise Him with trumpet sound; 
Praise Him with harp and lyre. Praise Him with timbrel and dancing; 
Praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe. Praise Him with loud cymbals;
Praise Him with resounding cymbals. Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!

Stars of Glory
Vs. 1: Stars of glory shine more brightly, purer be the moonlight's beam. 
Glide, ye hours and moments lightly, swiftly down Time's deep'ning stream. 
Bring the hour that banished sadness, brought redemption down to earth, 
when the shepherds heard with gladness tidings of a Saviour's birth. 
Vs. 2: See the shepherds quickly rising, hast'ning to the humble stall, 
and the newborn Infant prizing as the mighty Lord of all. 
Lowly now they bend before Him in His helpless infant state. 
Firmly faithful, they adore Him, and His greatness celebrate. 
Vs. 3: Hark, the swell of heav'nly voices peals along the vaulted sky. 
Angels sing while earth rejoices, "Glory to our God on high: 
Glory in the highest heaven. Peace to humble folk on earth. 
Joy to these and bliss is given in the great Redeemer's birth."

The Virgin's Song (text: Medieval English Anonymous)
Jesu, sweete sone dear, on poorful bed liest thou here, and that me grieveth sore;
For thy cradle is as a bere. Ox and asse be thy fere; Weep I may therefore. Ah!
Jesu, sweete be not wroth, Though I n'ave clout ne cloth Thee on for to fold,
Thee on to folde ne to wrap, For I n'ave clout ne lap; But lay thou thy feet to my pap
And wite thee from the cold.

We Bring You Glad Tidings (text based on Luke chapters 1 and 2)
Chorus: We bring you glad tidings and news of great joy. Born to Mary, Emmanuel comes.
Vs. 1: Mary, praying alone in her room, saw an angel shining by. 
He greeted her saying "Your son will be caled the Most High."
Vs. 2: In the town of David on a starry night, Mary bore Jesus, her first born son, 
layng Him down in a manger, she found him room where there was none.
Vs. 3: Glory to God in the highest, peace on earth, to all people goodwill. 
Jesus is born the Redeemer, the prophets and law to fulfill. 




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