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Gabriella Snyder

Gabriella Snyder: Composer & Singer

I am a composer & singer, writing music in the operatic, classical and folk traditions. I hope you enjoy discovering my Christmas recording of folk & traditional songs, Ancient Christmas - Songs & Carols, my operas/music dramas, Prince of Peace - A Passion Play and The Rough-Face Girl: An Algonquin Cinderella, and my classical songs and choral pieces. 

I look forward to hearing from you with any questions, feedback or requests. Thanks! Gabriella

I performed a program of German Art Songs - Brahms, Schumann, Schubert, Wagner, Strauss - for the Beethoven Society of Melrose, with Dr. Lorraine Lueft at the piano. 

FREE SHEET MUSIC DOWNLOADS of my Sacred Vocal Solos!

Each of the 8 songs in the album, as well as the table of contents, is available for download separately.              * Please let me know if you perform any. I'd love to have feedback on how they worked for you.                     * I'd also love suggestions of texts you would like to see set to music so you could perform them.              * If you need a piece transposed, please email me and I'll provide it to you in your desired key.  Hope you find something you enjoy and can use!   

SVS_Sacred Vocal Solos_Snyder_Table of C[...]
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1_SVS_Snyder_Pied Beauty.pdf
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2_SVS_Snyder_Meditation on a cross.pdf
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3_SVS_Snyder_Virgins song.pdf
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4_SVS_Snyder_Believe not those.pdf
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5_SVS_Snyder_I cannot find thee.pdf
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6_SVS_Snyder_At first I prayed for light[...]
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7_SVS_Snyder_My God why have you abandon[...]
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8_SVS_Snyder_Mourners Kaddish.pdf
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